Taxes Done and Filed, Yes It’s A Relief

My duty to my country is finished because today, one day before the deadline I filed our 2014 income taxes. The IRS is a necessary evil and no one loves to pay them but we have to. For so many years we have had to pay until the last few years. Yes its good to get this yearly ritual done but I can’t just do it early but its put off until almost the last minute. Fortunately we are getting a refund this year and that is a relief.


After reviewing what I had put into the tax program I realized I didn’t click something I needed to so when I did we went from owing to being owed. There is something about double checking. It is a good feeling to be getting something back.

Now we wait for it to be deposited into our bank account. Yes, I should have done it before now but you know…I am stubborn like that.

Observations About WordPress

WordPress is indeed a different animal than Tumblr. People here are incredibly creative and very original. They have something to say in every post they make. One thing I notice is re-blogging is at a minimum and to me that’s great. I love seeing more original posts from everyone I am coming across here. One fear I have is that I don’t write long enough or perhaps very deep compared to other WordPress bloggers. Maybe I should consider how to do things different here. Let’s see how things go. Input welcome from all in the community. Lets keep on blogging.

Opportunity Into Prosperity

I think with opportunity comes some prosperity. If we are looking at prosperity only then we are missing out on the ability to impact the lives of those who need it in favor of personal gain. Our lives can be about more than accumulating wealth but creating a greater community for everyone including ourselves.

Money, Money, Money

Money makes things happen. It changes things and people. It’s what we do with money that can determine if it makes us happy or makes things worse. Money by itself can do little but with a human being in charge of it interesting things can happen. Just a thought or two.