WordPress Almost A Week In

I have been “back” with WordPress for almost a week and I am daily impressed by the system of blogging and social engagement here. There are some great people I have connected with who are doing some great, original content. Built in commentary and the ability to like user posts make this a great system of content management, blogging and other cool things.


Will I continue to use WordPress? Yes I will. Will I abandon Tumblr? No. My plan is to use both in a way that each blog will have some similar and some different content. I do think WordPress is a superior blogging platform and its something I need to know more about because my work could call upon it. There is a culture of users here who are loyal and the opportunities to go to camps and workshops about blogging excites me.

Keep on blogging good people! Thanks for your connections.

A Word About My Faith World View

I am a follower of Jesus, a believer and I really hope that I represent my faith tradition in a good way. It is important to me to share my faith without tearing down the faith of other people. To me God is presented and worshiped in very diverse ways using different rituals and customs. The key thing here is to love one another and to do for others as they would do for you. If we are all doing that then we are all good. Having a higher power is important because we need to be connected to something greater than us. While at the same time those who are not believers should not be demonized.

The way you treat others and relate to the world informs everyone about your relationship with and understanding of your higher power

Time Does March On

Yesterday can feel like last week. Last week can feel like last month, last month can feel like six months ago, a year can feel like an eternity. When it comes to time it is indeed hard to believe how fast it goes. We are never standing still, always moving, always changing. Time does march on and we are always on the move. So when you think about it we are all time travelers.

Hello Wednesday!

My college roommate said on Facebook that its a double whammy today…its tax day and its raining here in east Tennessee. Well not every day can be sunshine, puppies and happiness, although it would be great if it were. Today I am at work, doing good things for myself and for others so I guess there is a silver lining behind the rain clouds. Let us all have the best day possible given the circumstances of life. Have courage and be kind as Cinderella said in the most recent movie of the same name. I like that quote very much.

Love, peace and grace to each of you today.