I Am Humble and I Am Contrite When Needed

Humility is a important character trait to have. Being contrite can help rebuild bridges that have caught fire through my own verbal mistakes. Admitting when one has done wrong is something I don’t have a problem doing. When there have been hurt feelings I will say sorry and I will want to try to reconcile with the persons I have offended. Never fear that when I have done somebody wrong I do what I can to make it up to them. The world has too many people who have chips on their shoulders over things that don’t mean much in eternity. Forgiveness is also a great virtue to have. So lets seek peace and cooperation among the world where we carry around burdens that could be let go.

The World Needs You!

We need more caring in the world. People willing to help out in times of trouble. Individuals who think about the community and those around them more than themselves. We need people of all stripes willing to make a difference. The world needs you, now more than ever. Be a hero, without a cape.

Happy Monday Gang!

I hope each of you has a great day today. We all know its Monday and not many of us like Mondays but lets roll with the punches so to speak. I am filling in as the boss in my department today so I have stuff on my plate. Lets see how the coming days will unfold. The experience is something I am grateful for.