High School Me

I wasn’t popular in high school, total nerd here. Surprised you are I am sure (that sounded like Yoda). My choice was to be myself. Perhaps what was intended for me is to bloom late and accept who I am regardless of what others might think. I turned out OK. Married in a job that matters. Pretty good stuff. (The Big Bang Theory inspired this little post).

Post Length

I blog several times a day with posts of varying length. Some of my fellow bloggers here on WordPress are incredible writers who can pump out over 1000 words without sweat. My posts are lucky if they reach 200 words or so. You can get your point across in different ways whether it be words, pix, video, etc. However does a longer post get taken more seriously than a shorter one?

I guess I want to keep things brief or perhaps I just run out of things to say. Peoples life experience can influence and inform their blogging so I guess if you have done much you have a lot to say. One thing I can say is that I am a decent writer (who needs help with punctuation) and I am from the school that our attention span is shorter these days so I need to say what I need to say quickly. Not to say a long post can’t keep ones attention. Some folks can write forever on a subject and that inspires me. Writing comes from research, living and self examination and to be a better blogger who can write with authority doing those things can make a difference.

Well, WordPress tells me this post is over 200 words. Amazing.