The Church Real Estate Agent

This afternoon I showed my new pastor around church. I also showed other folks around who will be shaping the future of the church, people I didn’t know. The whole process was strange and I felt like a real estate agent showing a property to a prospective buyer. For ten years I have been a member of my church and much has happened in the time I have been there, recently we were looking at closing but somehow now there will be another congregation not even in our city taking control. I am conflicted in my feelings about the situation. The next weeks and months will be interesting as the new direction of the church is taking shape. Somehow I felt like I was selling something, I am used to that but my church building was something new, something weird, something unexpected.

Supporting The Cause of Love


Love and marriage should be extended to everyone, no matter orientation. This is no longer a strictly religious issue but a issue of fairness and family. I am a believer in Christ and a believer in love. In the 21st century we should have marriage equality.

Hanging Here For Awhile..I Am Blogging At WordPress

I think I will be doing more blogging here at WordPress. Somehow Tumblr has become overwhelming and perhaps a less tolerant place. Perhaps focusing on writing and being creative with a community that does that by nature will be good.

Your help is appreciated in making my experience here awesome. Keep on blogging good people!