In Advance of Mother’s Day – A Salute To Mary, The Mother of Jesus

imagesIn advance of Mother’s day I want to say how much I admire Mary the mother of Jesus. She was called upon to be the mother of a very important person by God. Her challenges with raising such a special person must have been daunting. She is in my opinion the greatest Jewish mother ever. As a young mother she was responsible for keeping Jesus in a safe, nurturing environment. She didn’t do it alone, she had Joseph was called upon to rise to the occasion of being Jesus’ dad. Mary is a venerated person in some Christian traditions and she is a inspirational figure.

A Tennessee River Cruise In Chattanooga

We spent some of our day on the Southern Belle Riverboat on a 90 minute cruise up and down a section of the Tennessee River in the downtown area of Chattanooga. It was a beautiful day to see some new things and sites we don’t see everyday. You can get a change of scenery in your hometown if you know where to go and where to look.

Oh its just me wearing a Chattanooga Mocs Southern Conference football championship ring. It’s nice bling, hard earned by its owner. #GoMocs

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