My Time At WordPress

I was looking back at my stats and I have realized I have been in your company for over a month. That is hard to believe. Some have been with me from the start while others have just come aboard to follow my ramblings and curated events in life. I hope my blogging has gotten better being inspired by great writers who show great creativity. Friends I thank you for your kindness and friendship. My goal is to be positive, real, funny and respectful. Perhaps inspirational when needed.

People keep on blogging and lets share the cool things happening in your world.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mother (with a very young Tony) who I am grateful and thankful for I love you on this, your special day.

To my grandmother (on the right) who is spending Mother’s Day with her mother in Heaven I will always love you.

To all the mother’s of various types out there I salute you for your role in making our world better. Some are mothers in spirit and you fill in the gap for those who are without a mother in their lives. God bless you all.