The Death Penalty

I have been back and forth on the death penalty. However there comes situations where evil needs to be punished. Grace should be extended to everyone but for those who seek to do mass destruction and killing of innocent people they need to be brought to justice in a way that fits the crimes they commit. Perhaps this is an opportunity to love our neighbors in a radical way so they will learn to love others too.

Making Order of Ones Contacts

I have come to the realization that I follow a lot of people on various platforms of social media and blogging. When visiting those sites, I ask myself where do I know them from…Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Those situations remind me I can’t keep up with everyone. Maybe its the extrovert in me wanting to make as many contacts as possible, that is what makes me good at my job.

My brother-in-law has thousands of contacts on Facebook alone, he knows a lot of people having worked as a educator for a long time. Some people are just more social than others. Every person you meet online is a person, more than just a profile.

For me its contacts I have made through blogging networks and being a part of groups of various sorts. Someone has probably developed an app to help keep your contacts organized and to tell you where you know them from. As in anything in life you will develop a core group of people who will be interested in having a meaningful friendship with you, people who will like what you post and be concerned about you in general. Having a online life can be challenging, but its important for real world interactions with folks from your online life. Putting flesh to those who you know digitally is important.