Hello Good People

How is your Sunday going? I have been lazy all afternoon after getting home from church. We went to get some lunch afterwards at our favorite Chinese/Japanese/sushi place. This has been a great day of chilling. I created a new blog in order to create a closer community with people from Tumblr I really like. These people are a part of my blogging experience and I wanted to include them in my blogging on WordPress and in other places. I could also use that blog for other purposes too. Sometimes you have to start fresh online. So to everyone at Tumblr and WordPress I say I appreciate you all!

Howdy Sunday

Hello friends and fellow bloggers I hope all is well today. A new week is upon us and new opportunities abound. I have a weird week ahead but it those times when routine is disrupted that takes the monotony out of life. Needless to say I will be on my toes.

Whatever you are doing today I hope you are having a good time doing it.  This morning we are off to breakfast and then church. The afternoon shall be one of leisure and getting a few things done.

Thank you for following along, I can never say that too much. Grace and peace good people. God bless.