Rambling About Random Thoughts

As far as blogging and most things random thoughts are great. They are the best posts I think. I have a lot of random thoughts that make their way to my blog. Never be afraid to be spontaneous as far as posting goes. Some of the best things we can read are inspired thoughts based upon life and the things we encounter daily. That is why I love to blog both on mobile and the desktop because you never know when a random thought can develop into an idea and a post.

Rambling About Offending

No one likes to be offended. Unintentionally it happens because we are all human. Nice people make mistakes and we feel it when people have been hurt. My goal is to be kind but when necessary rock the boat a little when situations call for it. You can never have a relationship that is conflict free and sometimes words can hurt. So with all that being said being slow to anger and quick to forgive is a good rule of thumb.

Language Barrier, Blogging Style

When a blogger from another country who writes in a different language decides to follow your blog it can be a tricky situation. There is an obvious language barrier there and you wonder why they might be following along. Maybe its to help them learn your language or for other reasons. Seeing their blog written in their primary language can be interesting.

Some things you can figure out if they are written in certain languages while other blogs are written in completely different characters like Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hindi etc. They can be fascinating to look at even though you can’t read a thing.

Yes there are translation tools online but I am not certain they are 100% reliable. I welcome people from all walks of life but I just hope there is some understanding there. Building bridges of communication is always better than burning them if you ask me.

Back To Work, It’s Going To Be A Long One

After a Monday off I am back to work on Tuesday. My schedule at work is going to be different over the next 4 days which is no big deal. It will include two 12 hour days but I will make it through. It’s good to shake things up every now and then. Let’s go to work. Have a great day everyone.