The Battle of Good Vs. Evil

In the battle of good vs. evil

Red blood flows

They are sons or daughters fighting

Sometimes its about money

People have fame from it.

No one truly wins

There are shades of gray

Freedom is fought for

It can be about revenge

Death can be an outcome

People lose their soul

What side are you on

A short ramble about Facebook, it can be awful sometimes.

Facebook can suck as a platform for change because everyone who is there already has their own opinion cemented in their heads. It doesn’t matter if its religion, politics, sports, culture people on Facebook are just there to troll it seems like. Frustrating.

The Middle Finger, Why The Flippin?

I have never understood the reasoning behind flipping someone the middle finger. Not to sound prudish or judgmental but aren’t there other ways of showing displeasure at someone that have more meaning. Perhaps that is the point is to be offensive and crass. Perhaps I have lived a sheltered existence but I think if we all tried harder to get along and be more sensitive to one another that displays of digital displeasure wouldn’t be necessary. Perhaps we need to just chill out and work to be a better neighbor. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.