Country Music Chaos

I have an open mind but what I don’t get is Country music acts trying to be pop and rock artists too? I am a casual country fan who thinks the genre has lost its soul while trying to be all things to all fans. Now I’m not saying some of the new stuff is all bad. There seems to be an identity crisis. It makes you wonder why they can’t stick to their roots with the influence of Cash, Carter, Williams, Nelson, Parton and George Jones. It’s OK to be who you are as a person and in music.


Being Pushy, It’s A Delicate Thing

There seems to be a fine line between asking politely and being pushy. I ask a lot of questions for my job and its something I have to be careful about. No one wants to be pushed into something, but sometimes it just happens that way. Human nature is to resist the insistent but for anything to get done you have to push people into doing more than they think they can. Maybe people like to give excuses as to why they won’t/can’t do something. It’s all funny how it works like this.

To The Bloggers Of WordPress

One can newordpress-logo.jpgver be too thankful in life I believe. To you the WordPress community I thank you for welcoming me, informing me and inspiring me in this thing called blogging. I am glad to be blogging along side you all. Keep on blogging good people. Grace and peace!