Rumors of life and death

On social media it’s a good practice to check thoroughly the sources when you hear of matters of life and death. Spreading rumors and false info can be damaging. Social media can spread false information faster than ever before  In matters of the demise of people, especially those you know be sure about the information you are getting. Life is too short to shorten the life of anyone based on bad or incomplete info

This Bloggers Post Length

I was told in college English/Composition to write about something as long as you think it will get your point across. Personally I don’t have it in me to churn out 1000 words at the drop of a hat. My posts are short by design to inform you quickly about stuff going on and I will insert a picture to support what I am saying every so often. My experience on Tumblr told me that attention spans are short these days and I should adjust my blogging accordingly. I respect those who can do 1000-1500 words daily. However that is not me. This post ended at 112 words. Perhaps I can learn to do more.