Martina McBride @ Riverbend Festival 2015

Country music star Martina McBride performed last night at our cities Riverbend Festival. She is one of my favorite vocalists in the genre and her show last night was great. I couldn’t get any good pictures from last night because I was too far away from the stage and I was watching her primarily on a video screen which too was a bit far away.

So I am posting a video from early in her career. “Independence Day” is a song about a woman being free from an abusive situation in her life. There is little to do with patriotism here, its about survival.

The video was shot in Murfreesboro, TN in 1993 when I was a student at Middle Tennessee State University. It was kind of neat to see familiar places in on the square area of the ‘Boro.

Filtering Facebook

I have a lot of friends well some more acquaintances than people I would trust my life with on Facebook and I finally had to filter out some of the folks I follow because they post things that hurt my head and heart.  My political/religious/cultural leanings veer to the left and I am not sorry about that. Facebook seems to be a place where conflict happens frequently between people who normally like each other. You don’t discuss religion, politics and maybe sports with some people lest you get into a heated discussion. Sometimes you need to be challenged on what you think but other times you just want people you are like minded with. Filtering Facebook Friends can mean keeping the peace for long-term relationship preservation. Other times you just need to kick some “friends” to the curb.


If we were genuinely concerned about the welfare of others and served humankind appropriately the our world would be a better place.  Selfishness, pride and apathy have done a lot of damage to family and community.  Humbling ones self to be willing to get your hands dirty is a sacrifice worth making. Let’s never forget about the generations before us who did that because it was a part of their DNA. Let’s work to make our lives and the world better for all of us, being a servant is cool.