30 Rock: Late To Another Party

We are watching 30 Rock a wonderful little show created by Tina Fey and starring Tracy Morgan, Alec Baldwin Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski. You know it emulates Saturday Night Live a little because Lorne Michaels produced it too. Yes we are late to this party too, like we were Firefly.

Saying Farewell To A Fellow Blogger

When a favorite blogger leaves blogging it can be a sad day. They leave for many reasons including burnout, lack of time and some pass away. You miss seeing their posts and there is a void to be filled. Sometimes that void can be filled with other bloggers while other times you fill the void left behind. Their posts are a window into their hearts and minds, they inform you about them and perhaps yourself. What they said to you mattered because they impacted your life in more ways than one. Friends, know you are appreciated as human beings and that what you have to say matters. Be the best bloggers you can be until you are ready to not blog anymore.

I have seen many bloggers come and go. They were all special, all unique and they made my experience special.

However I always say…Keep on blogging.

The Love/Hate Challenge

I was nominated by http://luckyottershaven.com/ to complete the love/hate challenge. The love/hate challenge consists of listing ten things that I love and then ten things I hate, then nominate 10 bloggers to do the same.

The first ten things that come to mind that I LOVE (there are so many others):

  1. My Wife
  2. My Dog
  3. My Family
  4. My City
  5. My Job
  6. Blogging
  7. Iced Coffee
  8. Barbecue
  9. Technology
  10. Media

The first ten things that come to mind that I HATE (there are so many others):

  1. Ignorance
  2. Homophobia
  3. University of Tennessee Football (among other things)
  4. Bananas
  5. Unloading the dishwasher
  6. Apple Juice
  7. Sexism
  8. Loud music coming from cars that I can here in my car
  9. Doing our taxes
  10. Making a decision on what to eat at a restaurant

I am going to chicken out and nominate anyone who wants to do this. Its a lot of fun.

Blogging The Ages

I am a 45 year old dork and to have younger followers is kind of cool. Not sure what they see in me, I am not the hippest person ever but you know I appreciate it. You know I think its good for the young to connect with older folks because we can learn from one another. Of course there are people blogging older than me so its all relative.