Ones identity is a highly personal thing. We make up our identity as we go along by the experiences we have. It changes us, informs us and perhaps colors our view of ourselves and others. Assuming an identity means changing who you are. Perhaps we should understand ourselves before attempting to understand others. Just saying.

Why I Use The Term “Higher Power”

In many of my posts I choose to use the term “Higher Power”. This is not to deny my own faith but to acknowledge the faith of others.

Faith and spirituality are deeply personal things and as a blogger and social media commentator I think it’s a more inclusive language. Some of my fellow Christians would blast me for using such a term and wondering why not use the word “God” (which I do) and my previous posts show that. I just think there are several world religions with their own deity and their own traditions and customs. I believe in sharing the love of Jesus Christ in different ways but I know that there is a Buddha too among other gods and goddesses from other faith systems. I am interested in building bridges of understanding and encouraging all people to find a system of belief that offers them connection, community and comfort.

Yes I know there are some folks out there who don’t believe in anything or have their doubts and to my atheist and agnostic friends I hope you have people in your life to share the journey with. To me that is important for anyone, no matter what they believe or choose to not believe.

I am commanded by my faith to love my neighbor as myself so perhaps starting with that is a great way to have dialogue and fellowship with people who are different from me.

In future posts I hope to expand on this. But for now may you all have grace, peace and much love.