Brian Williams Leaving ‘NBC Nightly News’ | TVLine

Brian Williams‘ six-month suspension at NBC Nightly News is poised to become permanent, although the embattled newsman is expected to remain at the network in a new role.

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A Ramble About Blogging: Content and Safety

By nature your blog should be something you post content to in a timely fashion. Its a chronicle of your life and your world and there are lots of things to post about daily. Some post multiple times a day, like me; while others are more methodical and will post only on a schedule….both ways are good, just different in their approach. Just think about how many things happen in your life daily that you can blog on. Some of it might be mundane but perhaps that is how you can connect with others.

When I see a blog that hasn’t been published to in over a year then it makes me wonder if it is being used as a real blog or for nefarious actions. You can never be too careful about what some blogs are there for. I say if there is content on a consistent basis its cool if it is something without having been published to in several months then its abandoned. Some use their blogs are about bots, data mining and spam which we don’t like.

I wish blocking were an option with WordPress because there are some fellow bloggers that look shady. Maybe I am being a little paranoid or perhaps just exercising an over abundance in caution. Either way I want blogging to be a great tool for self expression while being a safe place to share what is happening in your corner of the world.


The definition of Appointment is an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place and  an act of appointing; assigning a job or position to someone. Making appointments is having time management, accountability and being sure a task is getting done. When you make an appointment it helps the organization such as a doctors office or a prospective employer keep track of who is coming in each day.

Being ready to receive people can help things go better for everyone. Appointments are about being in a place for a time to do the work of an organization like church or non profit. Our world runs better with appointments. There are times when you make an appointment and you are there for longer than you anticipated, it just happens that way. However everyone benefits when an an appointment is on the calendars of both the client and the organization because they know that there are other people who need to be taken care of too. Appointments provide an opportunity to manage your schedule instead of your schedule managing you.

An Asian Adventure

We went to a really nice Thai restaurant last night for a culinary adventure. We enjoyed the atmosphere and more importantly the food. This is my wife’s take on Rain Thai Bistro in Chattanooga, TN.

The Soup Diva

Tonight, after an appointment nearby, we decided to try a local restaurant recommended by my friend/co-worker/zumba instructor (whose husband happens to be a chef). Rain Thai Bistro was everything Emily promised, and more! We shared some beef crispy rolls, then I had spicy basil noodles with seafood, and jasmine tea. Hubby had pad thai (not pictured). Everything was fresh, flavorful, and very filling! The decor was lovely and elegant (even the bathroom). We will be returning soon!







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