The Promise

I kind of believe in being high minded and idealistic. We as a nation need to have something to unify us no matter our race, religion, orientation or gender. If we are to be a great nation we need to love one another and respect each other no matter our differences. Lets resolve to do our best for one another and to fulfill the promise of a new day. It is time to be better to bring our hearts and minds together to achieve great things. Our promise should be to one another and to dream something bigger than ourselves. What that is I am not sure but perhaps it can start with a conversation, imagination and most importantly inclusion.


The ghosts of Columbine, Newtown and now Charleston would appreciate a conversation and more importantly action. No more people should perish to senseless gun violence.

The ghosts of Selma, Birmingham, Memphis are asking for a conversation on racism.

The ghosts of people who were harmed because of their orientation and sexuality would appreciate a conversation on people with lifestyle differences.

Many ghosts are calling for conversations are we going to listen.

Posting Current Events

I do post about things going on in the world. So for my newest followers I will share current events happening that have personal, local and global impact. Forever I have been a news junkie and its a part of chronicling the the serious things in life. Information that is important and breaking is important.

Global Followers

I appreciate all my fellow bloggers who are following me here from around the globe. One thing I love about this thing called blogging is how we can be connected in a very unique way. We can discover more about ourselves by seeing the lives of people from different places from Australia to Zimbabwe and inbetween. My world view has been expanded by some great bloggers who have shown me the places they call home and in their communities. I wish you peace and grace my friends from far away. I hope and pray for peace and that we will have the freedom to keep on blogging no matter where we are.

Tragedy in Charleston, SC

My heart goes out to the people of Charleston, SC in the wake of the shooting at an African Methodist Episcopal Church last night. Nine people including the pastor, Clementa Pinckney, who was also a state legislator were killed in what is being called a hate crime. When such things happen it makes you wonder why people do the things they do and feel the way they feel. This has impacted their community and the nation.

Events like this are a reminder of how powerful hate is. It is horrible when people are peacefully assembling to make their lives better and someone does harm to them just for the color of their skin. We still have people who are raised to hate someone because they are different, that should not be the American way. Life is too short to live in fear.

May God have mercy and provide comfort to the family and friends of those who lost their lives. May we all work for peace and a time when there is no hatred of people based upon their race, sexuality and lifestyle.