Me, Grouchy…Naw!

I am a overwhelmingly positive person and I am not sure how to be grouchy. Being crotchety is not in my DNA. What would it look like if I were a little short with people. I seriously think people would run away screaming if I were mean. It’s hard to be positive because it sometimes comes across as fake but I am who I am. Being human like I am there will be times when I feel totally pissed off and wish ill will (well as much as I can). Perhaps this is something I shouldn’t worry about now because I am borrowing trouble where there doesn’t need to be.

Happy Dating Anniversary

Seventeen years ago today my wife and I had our first date. We met up at a local restaurant for a cold beverage then went to a bridge for a walk. That moment in time changed our life and we have never been the same again. It still amazes me that someone would take a chance on me. She even kept me around which is still more amazing. We are grateful to be together. I love you Laura, thank you for the memories.