A Ramble On Being A Southerner

I have been a southerner my whole life and there are things about it I appreciate such as the food and the charm of many of its cities like my hometown of Chattanooga. I believe in a progressive vision of the south that includes people of all races, creeds, religions, orientation and politics. What I don’t embrace is holding on to the old south that relies upon relics from a bygone era such as a flag that has been in the news lately. The past in the south is something to be remembered in history as to not repeat it. We owe it to every person terrorized by the ways of the old south to step forward with helping every person realize the promise of the new ways.

My Take on The Confederate Flag

I am going to tread into somewhat controversial waters here but I think it’s worth saying that the confederate flag is a symbol of not only racism but also a reminder of when this country was divided. Travel to Germany and the Nazi flag is no where to be flown, there is shame in it. In the south the confederate flag you see in a lot of places is an indication that many are still longing for the south of old. There is romance in the era of the American Civil War in the hearts and minds of many. The flag is a relic and serves no purpose today other than a reminder of a dark time in our country. Put it in a museum, don’t display it on government grounds as a reminder of what it means in the hearts and minds of many who have been terrorized by it.

Many are ready to retire the emblem and to diminish its value. Companies are no longer selling it. In the light of the church shooting in Charleston, SC maybe its time for it to fly away, like dixieland.

PS: I am a life-long southerner who thinks independently and likes to challenge the status quo.

My Little Blog

My blog is a personal blog with no focused content and the fact that people follow me is humbling and makes my scratch my head a little. It’s proof that being a subject matter expert in life and ones self is something worth checking out. I offer a positive, personal perspective on the world around me and maybe that works for all my readers. On occasion you will get things relating to events and pop culture from long ago and the here and now too. Being a real person can help too I suspect. No matter why you follow my little blog I appreciate it and you.

Tunes On Tuesday – Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

Taylor Swift stood up to Apple for not paying royalties to artists during the trial phase of their upcoming streaming music service. So to pay tribute to Ms. Swift for her courage I thought this video would be appropriate for the day. This video is quite good and a reminder that music videos still matter, are you listening MTV?