The Wednesday That Was

I hope you all had a great day my friends. My day at work was productive and active. Tonight we had a good dinner of grilled meatloaf and a sweet potato. We watched the season premier of Big Brother 17. Now I am ready to settle down for some much needed sleep. The week is almost over and I am glad.

Big Brother 17 Premieres Tonight on CBS TV!

Tonight our annual rite of Summer begins as we get to see the house guests of the 17th season of Big Brother US. We can expect the unexpected and twists are a huge part of the game. The cast this year seems more diverse in many ways so that makes for a good season. Julie Chen also known as the “Chen Bot” shall guide us through this season of crosses and double crosses, backstabbing and all the stuff that people do when they are cooped up with people they just met. I can’t wait!