A Bloggers Frustration: Quick Feedback

It is frustrating when you visit a blog where you can’t like the post or leave feedback easily. Blogging on a network like WordPress or Tumblr gives you a sense of connection and community that is hard to do with some platforms and self hosted blogs. I think you can install the WordPress jetpack to connect it with WordPress.com or another service like Disqus where you can plug in a commenting app to your blog.

Perhaps this is a silly first world problem but you know I am kind of digitally lazy like that. However giving the reader the opportunity for instant feedback can give your blog a better feel of interactiveness.

Comments and likes are feedback which is the life blood of many blogs and their writers. They need it to help guide their posts and writings. So a quick feedback is better than nothing at all. So I think.

Too Much TV, So Little Time

Tonight is going to be a busy TV night. It used to be all reruns during the summer and that still holds true in some places but as of late the networks are putting first run shows on during the Summer to keep viewers engaged and watching.

Tonight we have a log jam of some shows we like so we have some decisions to make.

8:00 PM

  • Big Brother 17 on CBS
  • The Astronaut’s Wives Club on ABC

9:00 – 11:00 PM

  • Under The Dome on CBS

10:00 PM

  • Rookie Blue on ABC

We do have a DVR so we can time delay some of this. We enjoy all the shows on Thursday night and we wish some of these shows were a little more spread out.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello good people its almost the end of the week, aren’t you glad? I am hoping for another productive day at work where things are getting done and goals are being reached. You know wishful thinking is OK right?

Tomorrow is Friday and we are all glad for it. I am excited about the weekend and especially Sunday!

Whatever you are doing whether it be work, rest, play or something else make it awesome.

Rambling About Election 2016

We have about 500 days until the next presidential election in November 2016. My wife pointed out last night its going to be a very long journey with loads of talk of politics on both sides of the aisle and perhaps some mud slinging. Facebook is going to be one of the worst places to see all the talk about what the candidates are doing and what they are saying. Avoiding Facebook all together is tough for some folks. I am thinking that we will be seeking a refuge from it all online. Perhaps some folks will just take a cyber sabbatical and find other things to do.

I can be political as the next guy but this will be ugly early. We will see the candidates saying things about each other than saying something about themselves. My thought is this really long campaign season will not be in the best interest of the electorate. We will all have some fatigue about the whole process and will be ready to move onto something new.

We might have 25 candidates before its all said and done so that will be a battle royal to see who survives it all. I suppose the only thing we can do is to grin and bear it. It just seems like 2012 was yesterday.