In Full Disclosure

Sometimes you need to be open with those who follow you. There needs to be a clear understanding of what your intentions are as it relates connecting with others. I am 45 years old and married. My purpose for connecting with fellow bloggers is to be friendly and to get inspired by the work you do. I am writing this because I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings with anyone. We are all in this blogging community thing together and if my words can help you get through the day then its all good because there will be time when your words can do the same.

If any of you would like to connect to my wife’s food blog you can visit there at there are some great recipes and tips there.

Thank you for following me, if you feel a little uncomfortable with being a blogging friend with a married person then I don’t fault you for that.

Grace and Peace



I think friendship is something unique and personal to the individuals who are connected to one another. All I have ever wanted in a friendship is to know I am liked and appreciated. Personally I don’t have loads of friends I hang out with. Being married can change the friendship dynamic with other non-family members I suppose. There is value in these voluntary relationships because they offer companionship and support. I don’t ask much from my friendships. No one should take friends for granted because they are hard to come by. I am not the best at friendships for some reason. Maybe I want to be as valued as much as I value others. I think I’m a okay bloke but sometimes I wonder. Friendship is indeed a two way street though.

A Word About Cody Boy Dog

This big boy dog is named Cody and he is our son. He is having a procedure on Wednesday to remove a growth behind his ear. The vet is concerned about it so we are too. A couple of years ago he had a growth removed so he is used to it. We are hoping for good news here that things will be alright. We love him very much and we have been blessed to have him.

Howdy Monday

Hello friends, I hope your weekend was good and that your week has started well. Somehow I think today is going to be a long one, well I think that about every Monday. This past weekend was just a good one and I wouldn’t mind going back there for another few hours.

Lots of things are occupying our hearts and minds lately and we are having a time making sense of it all. The best thing I can say is to love your neighbor as yourself and to observe the golden rule. Also don’t panic or fret, don’t borrow trouble because the interest rate is sky high.

We can make it through the day with grace and peace…and some love. Have a great day good people.

Rock on!