A Place Where We Want To Live

There has been a lot happening in the last few days. Some people had their world opened up while others seems to be in an alien land, well different from what they had always known. People who are different want to live equally in community with others and to have some human dignity.

Many people have more resources available to them that were once reserved for a few. What we have here is a selfishness that has been in play for years. I want people on the fringes to have what others have, acceptance, inclusion, love. The faith I ascribe to is one where God loves everyone, inclusion is the norm and hate and exclusion are shunned. The world is full of people who want the world to be their way, for people who are only like them. We need community to love the freaks and geeks like me.

Right now there is war and rumor of war along with a lot of hunger and famine and there is something we can do about it. We have to be the peace we want to see. Now is the time to make this world a place where we want to live and that place is for everyone.

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