Update on Cody Boy Dog


Our boy dog Cody had a growth removed from under his left ear today. He also got his teeth cleaned and nails clipped. As you can see he has had a very rough day. To add insult to injury he can’t have any food until Thursday morning so that will be over 24 hours since he had any food. I feel sorry for him. We are hoping to have a good result from having the growth sent to the lab for testing.

Girl Scouts Chapter Raises $250K After Rejecting Anti-Transgender Gift

Girl Scouts are very special to us and this is an awesome story of inclusion and principles. I think these scouts who will be helped will grow as young girls who will help the world be a better place.


The Girl Scouts of Western Washington has raised more than $250,000 on a crowdfunding site after rejecting a six-figure donation when the donor stipulated it could not benefit transgender girls.

Earlier this year the chapter accepted a $100,000 donation from a donor—about a third of its annual financial aid program—but later returned the money. In May, the national organization Girl Scouts of the USA wrote in a blog post that said any child living “culturally as a girl” was welcome. To make up for the returned donation, Girl Scouts of Western Washington started a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo on Monday and raised more than two times its goal by Wednesday.

More than 5,000 donors have contributed to the “Girl Scouts is #ForEVERYGirl” campaign, which still has about a month left to go. The almost $260,000 raised so far will benefit 1,000 girls, the organization said in an update late…

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