Hello From Virginia

They say Virginia is for lovers and I can say they may be on to something. My wife and I are visiting our former pastor and her husband (in our Methodist Christian tradition women are ordained into ministry) in her new faith community where she is serving. Vicar Amy as we call her was our pastor for five years at our former church. She lives with a her engineer husband and a precious son. We haven’t seen her in two years so this is a great reunion. It’s also good to have a change in scenery. This weekend is going to be fun. Pictures and more posts to come of course.

I hope each of you has a great weekend.

Fear Not

For some people of faith they are told to fear not. It’s mentioned several times in scripture and perhaps there’s something to it. We are living in an age where paranoia runs rampant but does it have to? Yes there are things to be afraid of but you know I am of the opinion that maybe we buy into scary stuff too much. Our world can be a scary place but you know we can be tougher and fearless. Courage is a great virtue and we need more of it. If we learn to love, offer and receive grace and work to make our communities better then we have a chance. Fear not good people, its a new day, a new opportunity, a new time. Once again, fear not!