Rambling About Being Kind

It’s sad that people have forgotten how to be kind to others. Bringing up appearance ones physical characteristics in a mean way is totally inappropriate. It really saddens me that people feel like they have to bring people down to elevate them. I think women get it in an unfair way. Maybe if some folks would learn some manners the world would be a safe place for everyone. Trolls are ruining the Internet for everyone.

Rambling About Changes

Everything changes, it’s a fact of life and technology. We all have things that come along that are different and new. Some of us can handle transitions better than others. Getting used to things that are unfamiliar is a real challenge for many. Being open minded can help us adjust to things that come along in life. Nothing remains the same for too long. An idea, a revolution, a communal desire to see change can make some uncomfortable which presents a whole other set of issues. The one thing we have to do in all of life is to keep our cool and hopefully have an open mind to doing something we aren’t used to doing.

So if you are going through a lot of change, know others have been down the same road as you. It will be alright. Have faith in your own abilities to adapt to the new. We all have changes ahead that we have to cope with. Hang in there good people, things will be alright…have some faith