A Little Normalcy

It’s date night and we are going to dinner and a movie. There is a time for some normalcy in the midst of chaos and we will go enjoy the city we love and what it provides us. Of course the fallen and injured and what happened here will be on our minds. The best thing you can do to fight bad people and things is to live your life…simple go out and live and don’t let terror win. Friends whatever you are doing on this Friday make it awesome. Grace, peace and yes freedom.

The Fallen Marines of Chattanooga

Graphic courtesy of WRCB-TV3 Chattanooga, TN

These are the United States Marines who were killed in Chattanooga, TN yesterday. Thomas Sullivan, Skip Wells, Carson Holmquist, and David Wyatt gave their lives to the service of their country. Semper Fi to these men and to all Marines past, present and future.

A Note To My Followers

Thank you for your kindness to me and my city during this tragic time here. My posts have been very focused on this tragedy because it is impacting a place I love very much and its people. One thing this blog is dedicated to being is relevant and timely. Current events are an important thing to chronicle. News and information are valuable parts of our culture and I want to capture.  Sharing our lives means the things that happens to us daily. To everyone who is still hanging with me, I appreciate you all.