Not Fun With Flags

Flags are a symbol of a nation, team, organization. When you see them fly you get an idea of what it’s about. They can represent heritage and identity. People are so wrapped up in flags that they almost feel like blankets of comfort. We like to be comfortable in our attitudes, beliefs, ideology. When someone dies flags are to be a certain height on a pole…however we miss the greater point of the persons being dead. If we lowered the flag every time someone died it wouldn’t be at the top of the pole, ever. Is the tradition of the pole something more than the death itself. Flags are essentially decorated fabric and in the grand scheme of things is it worth more than someones humanity or feelings. Maybe we should focus on people more than flags or their poles. Sometimes flags aren’t anything to have fun with.

Doctor Who – Season 9 Coming Soon!

I can’t wait til the next season of the adventures of The Doctor and Clara Oswald. The trailers are getting me excited for what is to come. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are great together. September 19th can’t come fast enough.

Male Pattern Blogging

I have come to the conclusion I need to be connected with more bloggers who happen to be men. My question is are there more women who blog because they are more verbal, expressive, thoughtful? Men do have things to day but we aren’t always in touch with our feelings to say what we need to say. Perhaps its just things I have in common with different people or something like that. There are some cool dudes out there who are like minded and fun, just need to find them. Male pattern blogging has nothing to do with how much hair one has….yeah that was a lame attempt at humor.