The Scene Of A Violent Tragedy, The Scene Of A New day

This the scene of one of the shootings of Thursday, July 16, 2015 in Chattanooga, TN. The military recruiting center where the shootings began is located here. A makeshift memorial has been set up in front of this office complex that has been a place where the community has come to pay their respects to the four Marines and one Sailor who lost their lives at a Naval Reserve Center. Media outlets have been broadcasting from here for almost a week sharing the story of the act of terror but most importantly how our community has responded. It is a place where a crime took place and now it is where people are finding a new day, hope and healing.

Blog Fame

I am not sure If I would ever want to be a famous blogger…I don’t think I have what it takes to write posts that are on that level. However what would it be like to have some fame because of your blog. My concern is that I enjoy the report with my fellow bloggers and the bigger you get the harder it becomes. I suppose you can’t have friendships with everyone and you need to have a core group of bloggers you have community with. On Tumblr I had 1500 followers at one point and I don’t know if that is ideal. Perhaps the old saying the more the merrier has some merit. Is what I have to say all that important in the scheme of things. Perhaps I should just go for it and not worry so much. Just a few things to ponder as I gain more followers.

Old Work Habits

I have been on my current job for over a year. In that time I have developed some new work operations and procedures. However as a creature of habit, things I used to do and say from my previous job creeps in. For example, I will give out the old phone number and extension by accident or I will say my old call pitch and that drives me nuts. Maybe our routines are so deeply embedded in us that its hard to break those old work habits. Maybe I should concentrate more and do things that keep me focused. I guess we are all human and will make mistakes.