I Have Been Nominated For The Creative Blogger Award


I have been nominated for a “Creative Blogger Award.”

Thanks to the great blogger Jennifer Calvert for nominating my little blog.

It means a lot to me as a new blogger. I’m humbled and very grateful.

The Creative Blogger Award comes with a few rules:
1. Post the link of the blog that nominated you.
2. Share five random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate blogs and notify the nominees.

Five facts about me 🙂
1. I enjoy cooking breakfast on Saturdays
2. I am an extrovert
3. I have two college degrees
4. I really like A&W Root Beer
5. I Love things retro and vintage

Now, In no particular order I would like to nominate these bloggers for “The Creative Blogger Award” Because quite frankly they are bloody brilliant!

Three Day Weekend Begin

I have a three-day weekend starting now. Tomorrow we are going to the eye doctor then doing some stuff out. Saturday we are having breakfast with my folks. Sunday we are visiting a new church. The weekend will be fun. I am happy to have a little time off. Even three days off can help revive the spirit and soul.

Local Perspective on The Shootings of July 16, 2015 By David Carroll

David Carroll is an anchor at WRCB-TV3 the NBC TV affiliate here in Chattanooga. He has been around here for a long time and he gets things on point when it comes to all things Chattanooga. I think he is a great writer and commentator.

The Shootings In Chattanooga Happened One Week Ago Today

We remember these men, we remember that day, we thank them for their service. Grace and peace to my home of Chattanooga, TN as we look back to one week ago. It is all hard to believe.