Watching “I am Cait”

Caitlyn Jenner’s story of transformation is one of finding your authentic life. She has struggled with this feeling and this desire to be who she wants to be after 35 years. So far this is a serious look at her new life and gives a glimpse on the future Ms. Jenner.

A Take on Time Travel, We Cannot Go Back

The idea and notion of time travel has been written about in science fiction for years. Going back or forward in time is a fantasy many have. Of course there are consequences of time travel and you have to be careful not to do anything that would impact ones future or past. From “Doctor Who” to “Back To The Future” we have seen what travelling through time and space can mean.

The time travel I want to talk about is going back into the past. Many of us would love to go back to a time where we felt comfortable, safe, secure. There are memories that help time travel so to speak so we can be in a place or to recapture a moment we would have loved to stay in.

We all have the desire to go back to the good old days where things were simpler. The Doctor anddelorean-back-to-the-future Marty McFly with Doc Brown had means at their disposal to go back in time. However they eventually needed what was next, what was possible. They found themselves in the here and now with an eye on the future.

Some people want desperately to turn back the clock. However we can’t do that because of all the advancements we have made and the new found liberties for people who have lived life on the fringes. I don’t think a person of color would want to go back to a time when they were treated as less than human. No we can only move ahead to help everyone realize the great promises that lie ahead.

We all need to have an eye on the future because we can’t stand still. As we speak we are time travelling. As Steve Miller once sang “Time keeps slipping into the future” and its true. As much as we want to we can’t go home again. But we do have our memories to help is go back when we need to for a moment.

Random Acts Of Likes

I find it fun to go to a blog I don’t normally follow and like a few their posts. To me getting random acts of likes is a great thing. This is a great way to positively impact a blogger and to encourage them to keep on blogging. If they follow back its great, if not then there is nothing personal. You do it because it gives them a lift. That is the beauty of being on a blogging platform that is connected with others.

Reader Refresh

This is an article on the refresh of the WordPress Reader. I don’t mind the changes however some lament them. Either way here is a little more info on what’s going on.

The Blog

Today, we’re proud to present an improved version of the Reader. We’ve made the Reader faster, with shorter load times and smoother scrolling. We’ve also improved the way we display posts, so you can now see the highlights of each story at a glance.

The new interface works just as well on a mobile device as it does on your computer, so it’s simpler and faster for you to catch up on blogs while on the go.


Keeping track of recent posts from the blogs and sites you follow is now both easier and more fun. Our new cards — which preview each post’s content — highlight great photography and make it easy to scan for something that looks interesting. New typography has improved readability, while the new Full Post View pushes the interface to the background, allowing you to focus on the story, whether it’s composed of text, pictures, or video (or…

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Hello Monday

Yeah, I am not thrilled about it but we are at the Monday part of the week. Life begins a new and we are at a new week. Let’s see how it goes. Work hard good people and make it the best you can make it.

WordPress Issues- Some folks were reporting some WordPress issues overnight. Sometimes there can be hardware and software failures. I am sure their engineers and techs will have things running better soon. Hang in there. It’s Monday for our blogs too.

Have a great day my friends. Keep on blogging.