An Award I Didn’t Want, Nor Did I Deserve, I Think!

I am not the best at driving my Ford F-150 or parking it either. Today we went to Target to get some things after our Chiropractic appointment and I admittedly didn’t do the best job of parking but I was between two lines and wasn’t over the lines on the left or the right. Well when we went back to the truck to leave this was on the driver side door. All for me.

My Undeserved Award

This person who put this on my truck had to tear it off a larger piece of paper and write it and put it on the driver side window of my truck. All of that to remind me I am not the best at parking my big truck. Sure I can take some criticism but this was uncalled for.

When you see stuff like this it can make you feel bad. It diminishes your faith in humanity. We can’t overlook the errors in a parking job nor can we overlook the imperfections in one another. I am not perfect but I really doubt I deserved this. Perhaps instead of tearing someone down maybe be silently angry and go on our way. Too many people have lost their lives due to rage and not taking time to decide if they should do this.

Bold Prediction About Blogging

Blogging will be around when Twitter and Facebook fade into memory, at least I hope so. Some folks have said blogging is dead or passe but I think its future is still very bright. I am glad to be along for the ride. Keep on blogging friends, we still have many stories to tell and things to share.

Nearing 500 Here On The Blog Of Tony Burgess

I am creeping up on 500 followers for my blog here on WordPress. That number is humbling because there are 500 people behind those blogs. When anyone takes their precious time to check out what some dork is doing is just amazing. My blog is not about one specific thing but many things that influence and fascinate me. So as I near that number I am wondering where I want to take this blog down the road. It is a good place to be I think.