Posting From My Tablet

So after testing my computer this afternoon I have moved to blogging with my tablet. I have an external keyboard that will make posting easier. Using my laptop would be easier but you have to improvise and adapt sometimes. So for awhile I will use the browser on my tablet to post from. This new setup won’t be a big deal. You can’t get rid of me so easy you know.

Championship Saturday in Chattanooga – Chattanooga FC vs. New York Cosmos B

Saturday night is alright for fighting…Elton John.

This Saturday it is going to be a football/soccer turf war between my hometown Chattanooga FC and The New York Cosmos B for the National Professional Soccer League national championship. I cannot wait!

Keep On Blogging

Life is a busy place to be and we are all living it daily. Situations arise when we don’t have a great deal of time to blog because of reasons. One thing you can do is to post pictures from every day or perhaps to send up a couple of sentences about what’s going on in life. Blogging is not supposed to be a chore, its something we do because we love it. The process of chronicling ones life can help you organize what you are thinking and doing. It can also help to remind you what you might have done a week ago. Keep this thing called blogging a fun and practical way to connect with yourself and others.