Live From Instagram!

My makeshift laptop – My Dell laptop is not functional at the moment and probably never will again so I am using my Lenovo Tablet with an external keyboard to surf and do stuff on the web. I can also type documents and do spreadsheets using Google Docs. This setup is working very well in a pinch. via Instagram

Welcome Newbies To The Blog of Tony Burgess!

I have had some new followers here in the past few days and I want you to know I appreciate your interest in me and my blog.

A few things you should know….

  • I am a geek for life.
  • I am married and we have a dog.
  • I post pictures of food, like who doesn’t
  • I am a middle aged dork…45 to be exact.
  • I often don’t act my age but I do feel it at times.
  • I am left of center on many topics including politics, religion and culture.
  • I am a believer in God.
  • I love science fiction.
  • I am a total Anglophile and embrace its media and culture.
  • I have been told I am a nice guy so I will let you be the judge.
  • My blog is here to chronicle and curate all the stuff in my life which includes a lot of interests.

So fellow bloggers I encourage you to offer feedback, comments and to keep on blogging yourselves.

The Mid-Week Post

We are at our midway point of the week good people. The weeks end is in sight. I am getting things done at work today and looking forward to a busy weekend. At work this morning we had breakfast as a company and tonight as a department I will have dinner with my team. So I will be eating all three meals here at my workplace. It’s like I live and work in this building which is not a bad thing. I love my work so its not a big deal. Whatever you are doing today make it awesome.

Remembering Marilyn Monroe

She remains a legend even in 2015. Her short life and career still inspire today.

And Now My Local Weather

I am over the heat and humidity. So ready for Fall. This morning it was already hot and sticky. Yes I know its worse in other places but here its just time for a cool down.