Nothing New, Sort Of

It’s coming to the point where there is nothing new under the Sun. You see a lot of posts that have a familiar feel to them and that is because someone inspired someone else to write something. I think you see that in books and entertainment lately with a lot of reboots and story lines you have seen before. Everything runs together and sounds familiar. Now if someone just copied and pasted your work and did some slight changes then that is another story, that is stealing and that is wrong. I believe in being original or trying to be. Trying to do something new is a challenge. Protecting your work is a must. However know that inspiring someone to be creative is a honor and a privilege.

How Best To See Embedded Tweets In My Posts

Twitter has the feature of letting tweets be embedded in blogs and other sites. I am using this option to help curate things I am interested in. To see the embedded tweets in my blog you need to see the blog itself and not through the WordPress Reader because it doesn’t display the way it should.

Embedding tweets is a great way to bring new content and link people to stories on the web you want to share. To find out more on how to do this visit where they have complete instructions. Now in WordPress you will need to use the HTML not the Visual editor to do this.

Remembering Robin Williams, One Year On

Robin Williams the famed comic and actor left us one year ago today. His talent was like a bright shining beacon that made us all laugh. We know of his imperfections and problems but today lets focus on the joy he brought many of us.