Understanding The World

Our world is complex and it’s people are not always easy to understand. We all see the world differently and our views of it are based on experience, reason, tradition and education. Where we live and people in our lives influences us. I don’t always understand why things are  the way they are but I try to be open minded enough to be informed. Going through life without being unfair or judgmental is difficult. No one is perfect and we do get things wrong like humans do. We just need to work harder at being the best we can and to love and live a lot.

In A Rut

We all get in a rut about something or another. For me it can be what I order at a restaurant or cook at home. There is comfort in routine and certain things that give us a sense of familiarity. Everyone has a short list of things that we enjoy in life. Many of us don’t venture out to explore new things and to seek out new experiences. Maybe being in that rut says something about us, about how we need the security of predictable motions. Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” is one of those TV characters who stays in a rut, likes things to be the way they are. Anything new rocks his world and disturbs the order of his life. Sometimes we need an Amy Farrah Fowler (his girlfriend) to help us get out of routines and ruts and to see things in a new way. So whatever rut you are into try something new. It’s all good. Be brave, I hope I can follow my own advice.

Epic New Doctor Who Trailer Just Released.

The newest Doctor Who trailer is out and its a massive tease. This shows much more action than we saw in last season. There are a few new and familiar faces here too. I can’t wait til September 19th!

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So This Happened…500 Followers on WordPress


Congratulations on getting 500 total follows on The Blog of Tony Burgess!
Your current tally is 501.
I have been registered and have had some dormant blogs here on WordPress for several years. Back in April I made the decision I needed a change of venue for my blogging and decided that WordPress would be more than adequate to suit my needs.
I thank each of you who have followed this blog and for your interest in what I have to say. Sometimes I ramble on about things in my head and other times there are things that just need to be said. Keep on blogging good people!