Trainwreck…A Great, Surprising, Romantic Movie

downloadAmy Schumer is a star now and this movie that she wrote is further proof of that. This was our date night movie and it made us laugh because of how much it is relatable and real. Bill Hader was fabulous as a leading man and he will be seen on the silver screen many times in the future. For couples there were moments that made you laugh because you had been through them in real life. Singles can get something out of it because of the search for love that seems never ending. For families the struggle with the care of a parent is a theme we all identify with.

The movie was loaded with appearances of Saturday Night Live cast members past and present and where there is one there must be more. The pro athletes in the movie were really talented and helped make this movie even better. My friends if you can stand a little language and the naked butt of pro wrestler John Cena then you won’t be disappointed.

Downton Abbey – Season 6, The Last Season

All good things must come to an end. Downton Abbey is no exception. I am looking forward to seeing it here in America in January 2016 on our Public Broadcasting System but dang knowing this is it is hard. Oh the feels.

Happy Friday Everyone, The Weekend Is Upon Us!

I forgot to wish everyone a happy Friday, so HAPPY FRIDAY!

This week seemed to go by fairly quickly except for a couple of days there that seemed to go on forever. I will be on the road on Saturday going to an alumni meeting at Hiwassee College and back home to chill for the evening. Sunday it’s church and I have to work for about 3 hours which is not bad and is giving me some overtime which is coming in handy.

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope its fun. Of course there will be moments for blogging. I am confident there is plenty out there to inspire you to post about. Rock on good people!

Respecting Authority, Respecting People

Call me old fashioned but I believe in respecting authority. We all have people who are above us in some form whether it be a parent or a boss or elected officials. Those people have been charged with leadership and maintaining order in our families and society.

I am not saying one has to agree with those in authority but sometimes they see the bigger picture. Leadership involves serving those who are led. My philosophy is to do the thing that I am leading others in doing. Being bossy and ordering people around just doesn’t work today. Setting an example for everyone will say more than any words you can speak. Asking people works too. I also think that taking advantage of people is not leadership that is something different all together. Respecting authority must come with respecting people and vice versa.