Another Milestone! 1000 Posts @wordpressdotcom


Congratulations on writing 1000 posts on The Blog of Tony Burgess!

OH my! Already? I have been here since April and now I have 1000 posts. Wow! That escalated quickly. Thanks for keeping me around.

A Ramble About Misunderstanding

Thanks for being my blogging pals. If i say something screwy let me know. Life is too short to lose people to misunderstandings. Communication can solve a lot of issues before they become issues. Think about how many relationships have been sunk due to people saying something that was not understood in the right spirit. We all need to take a minute to listen and offer a chance for someone to clarify their words. Peace is still needed in our world and its our friendships where it can start first.


I don’t reblog a lot of stuff unless it supports the overall theme of my blog. It’s not that I am a snob or anything but I like doing my own posts. The blog has my name on it and I should be about doing posts that are hand crafted by me. One day I will have a guest blogger here but I will be very picky about who that is.

When someone reblogs my content I don’t mind it. However when its a highly personal post or has an image of myself then its just a little strange.  Granted I know this is a blog that is open and available for everyone to see but I do think we should all be respectful of personal posts and images that are best left to the blog of their creator and not someone elses.

Just a thought.

Happy Sunday

Greetings and blessings to you this Sunday. We are off to church this morning and work this afternoon. It will be a busy day for us all but it’s all good. This morning I cooked omelets and toast to get the day going. Sundays are a day to reflect and renew spirit for many. It’s the dawn of a new week too  and that presents challenges and new opportunities. Grace and peace to you all today. May your higher power bless and keep you.

Catching Up

I enjoy moments when I can catch up on other people’s blogs. There is so much happening in your lives it is fascinating to see what’s going on in your world. Your stories and posts have have a common thread about them but they are all unique like the person who writes them. The things you are saying and doing in life are all blog worthy things. Capturing what is in your lives and in your heads is what blogging is about. Good work, good people. Keep on blogging as I always say.