Deer Visitors In Our Neighborhood

We had these lovely creatures come up to the house today. There were about 5 or so that came through. I was only able to capture these two deer who were wondering about our loudly barking dog who was concerned about their presence. This is a common occurrence in our neighborhood because we are close to forests and woods where they live and graze. We consider them our neighbors and friends.

You Know I Am A Dork Right?…Really, I Am!

There are a lot of people who follow me who are way more interesting than I am. You do know I am a middle-aged dork right? Especially you younger folks, I am like the crazy uncle you were told about. Thanks for tagging along regardless.

A Word About Former US President Jimmy Carter

Former United States President Jimmy Carter is a great man. Not because of what he says which is full of wisdom but for what he has done in his life. He is the greatest Christian missionary of our time not because he evangelizes but because he puts feet to his faith. President Carter’s missions to foster peace in places of chaos have helped make life safer and easier for many.

His work with Habitat For Humanity is well documented as he has picked up a hammer to build homes for those in need. The Carter Center has helped many people with life saving care as well. As a believer in Christ he has sought justice and inclusion for people in the margins.

I am glad the world has had Jimmy Carter in it, lets hope he is around for many more years. Grace and peace to you and yours President Carter.