The Weekend Coming To A Close

I hope your weekend has been a great one. Today we went to two church services in search for a new place to worship. In between we went to brunch at this killer brunch spot in the Rivermont neighborhood of Chattanooga. I worked to bring in blood donors today for Blood Assurance at our cities Sunday market. Now I am chilling out and finishing out the weekend by relaxing and preparing myself mentally for the week ahead. Something special happens to me on Saturday. Just saying.

Grace and peace good people. You all rock!

Rambling on Symbolism

Symbolism is a very powerful tool in conveying a message. Icons, trees, boxes and other things in our world can be symbolic of something that is meaningful. Metaphors paint a picture in words and those words are themselves symbolic of things in life that help tell a story. Symbols and metaphors relay a larger truth that people need to hear. So many rely upon a literal translation of things where 1 and 2 equals 3 all the time, well it does but perhaps there is another truth that can be told in that. We need to look dimensionally and see things in a new way. In faith there are symbols that tell its story in a unique way. Everyone needs symbolism to help us understand and communicate. Everywhere you look there are symbols of things that help us to know what they are about.