Prelude To Fall

The temperatures and humidity have come down over the past couple of days. This evening there is a bit of a chill in the air. Could it be that Fall is around the corner. Lets hope the weather is Fall-like. I am ready for a cool down around here. But this is Tennessee and there are still surprises in store.

Tunes Tuesday: Pat Benetar: Invincible

This song is a powerful anthem of empowerment for anyone. It was also in the sound track to the movie “The Legend of Billie Jean” which was one of the cooler flicks of the 1980’s and starred Helen Slater and Christian Slater.

Rambling About Men Treating Women With Respect

I am a man, in case you didn’t know. As a man raised in the southern United States there were lessons given in how to treat a lady, lessons that still stick with me to this day. I have women in my life who deserve respect from me and to be treated with dignity and kindness. Everyone should be treated with respect no matter what.

Online it seems that some men can get away with saying things to women that are inappropriate and that isn’t right. Being a man doesn’t give you privileges to do or say whatever you want. You have a social and moral responsibility to be polite and kind.

As I have said before in other posts women have it tough. Some folks are trying to rollback decades of progress on the rights of women and minorities which is fundamentally wrong. I believe that all people are worthy of kindness but sometimes they have to be called on the carpet when they do or say things to make them feel unsafe.

Now women aren’t weak people, they are strong, independent and worthy of respect. Society and our world doesn’t work without them. One day one will be President of the USA.

To my brothers out there be kind, respect the people in your lives especially women and be careful about what you say and do because everyone’s reputation is on the line.