Open Your Eyes, Open Your Heart

It doesn’t matter if you are ridiculously good looking (to borrow a phrase from Zoolander) or plain jane you are a person worthy of being seen for who you are. We live in a very shallow world where your appearance and looks are what matters most. The cult of celebrity has impacted how we see the world and ourselves. If we took time to see the best in people no matter what is on the outside the world would be a much better place.

People want to be loved and to love so the appearance issue shouldn’t be an issue but for some it really is. Life is too short to overlook based on looks. Be beautiful on the inside and out. Love one another as you want to be loved. Open your eyes and see people.  Open your heart and good things will come forth.

Be pretty awesome, no matter what!

Inside St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Photograph by Jeff Schofield for OHS

This is one of the most beautiful places of worship I have ever been in. In my earlier post this is what I was talking about. This sets the tone and lets you know what you are there to do and that is to worship in the Christian tradition. It’s a very traditional space that inspires a warm service. We were here at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church this morning and enjoyed our time there.

Inspired Places

I think how you build something matters. Designing a space to inspire and bring a greater ideal can make a difference. So many spaces you see today lack that wow factor, that thing that gets people to thinking about what is possible. Places where you reflect, worship, contemplate, meditate need to be spaces that connect your heart and spirit to another plane of existence, like the afterlife or heaven if you will. Today we all need that place where our hearts can be filled and our minds can be informed and perhaps our spirits lifted up.