There’s A Lot To Know About Being A Leader

Leadership is something that can be innate or learned through experience. For me it is a little of both. Today was my second day of being the team leader at work and I am finding out there is a lot to know. Today I was spending time with the human resources director at work for some leadership coaching. My position is a supervisory role so there are some institutional and personnel procedures involved in the job. I also did some data entry in updating our team stats so spreadsheets will become a greater part of my responsibilities. My new job will be good in time, I just need to be patient and allow myself to have growing moments. Tomorrow is another day, lets see how it goes.

Figuring it out

It is a good feeling when you figure something out that has been vexing you. We got a new printer on Sunday that works with our Chromebooks using Google’s Cloud Printing service. I spent a few hours on Sunday trying to get the thing to work. Well It drove me to tears a little (I was also tired still from vacation) so I didn’t worry about it yesterday because we had Zumba and not enough time to fool with it. Well today after much research using Google I was able to figure the thing out and make the printer work wirelessly. I am glad that it is working now so we can print with ease. This is indeed the age of wireless.