Experience Life

Life is about going through tough things that you don’t have experience with. No one can escape the pain or suffering that life brings our way. You don’t know how someone really means to you until they are gone. People are always trying to avoid feeling anything but failing in the process. So feel, experience and remember what you went through. Be good and love vigorously. Go with peace.

A Ramble About Senseless Violence

Senseless violence is a commentary on the times in which we live. We are living in a wild west world and lives are in the balance. I work for a blood bank where we are a point of response to calamity and chaos. Our work is to help sustain and preserve life in times of pain and injury. I am truly sad about what happened in Oregon and other places. Perhaps its time that something be done about it. Grace, peace and God’s mercy.

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Numbers and Me, I Hope To Make Friends With Them

Friends, I really suck at math and that sort of thing. My new job requires I spend a lot of time with them and manipulating data. Today I spent time working a spreadsheet and inputting statistics to compile information to give to my boss.

So with that being said I am hoping to keep things simple. Numbers scare me because of how they can be used in good and bad ways. Processing numbers and data is not a new thing for me but there are things I have to do in order to keep my team moving. Today is an example of doing interesting things with rows, columns and cells. I just hope everything adds up.

I am hoping to learn and grow in this so I can become friends with numbers.

Hello October 2015! You came up on us fast.

Can you believe it’s October? Where has the time gone? You just snuck up on us. I love fall and October is when you get to see the season’s colors in full display. My friends let’s enjoy this beautiful month.