A Ramble About The Changing World

The world is changing whether we like it or not. What was new is now old. The good old days were not good for everyone. Gays can get married in this country now and in other countries. There is a person of color who is president of the United States. Your cell phone replaces a lot of different things like your camera and your personal music player. Boys play with dolls and have tea parties while girls wear cammo and drive a pickup truck. Girls have more opportunities to be awesome women. Racism seems to be sticking around although things are getting better. Men stay at home to care for family and children. Women are running big companies and a few have run countries. Some women are even ministers. The old boy network is being shattered daily. Johnny Carson is no longer on the Tonight Show. Netflix is a noun and a verb, so is Google for that matter. Change is hard, even for me. Traditions adapt to modern times. We are a digital world with some analog people. The struggle continues but more and more the world is changing. Are you going to keep up or fall by the way side?

Don’t Panic, Stay Cool

Everyone goes through a rough patch about something. Trying not to panic and staying cool through it all is a challenge. Our response to stressful events in life says a little about who we are. People react differently to things and its easy to lose your composure when facing a difficult situation.

My advice is to breathe, meditate, pray. Keeping things in perspective can be helpful. Breaking down something big into more manageable elements is always good. Little victories can snowball into big wins. So my friends whatever you are going through is a temporary event, you can make it through, do your best.

Don’t panic, stay cool…have peace too!