Making connections is what I do for a living. It’s a part of who I am. Blogging is no exception. I have enjoyed every connection I have made because its helped inform me about the world around me. It’s not likely I will visit the countries of the bloggers I follow but it’s nice to know we have much in common and I can get a peek at the world they live in. My blog is a tool to connect with the global community around me and every connection made is a new friendship.

A Sunday

My Sunday has been far from a restful day and I enjoyed it. This morning we went to church and afterwards we enjoyed our first pot luck dinner in the form of a tailgating party. This afternoon was spent at work helping with some production and getting a couple things done. Tonight we went to dinner at my folks house. I chilled out this evening watching some television and some blogging. I won’t lie, I am tired and I look forward to an evenings rest and relaxation.

I hope you all have had a good weekend. We now face the week ahead, lets do our best!

Rambling About Keeping Up Appearances

Many British sit com fans remember the show “Keeping Up Appearances” featuring a woman who believes she is above her middle-class existence and often shuns her own family members who are salt of the Earth and who live in their own reality. This woman who alters the pronunciation her last name to sound more impressive has a well kept home with many nice things. She has fine place settings to impress people who who she invites to candlelit suppers. Her life is about hob nobbing with the well-to-do in her community. Her husband is also very long suffering through it all. It’s a funny show and reminds me of how some people will try hard to live above their means.

Many among us put a premium on having the finest in life and to be with people that make us feel higher than our station in life. Everyone keeps up appearances in their lives where they are better than they actually are. Our world has snobs and elitists that perceive that only the best will do. For example one might have gone to a less prestigious school growing up but as an adult they don’t think that same school is good enough for their kids. Socially they try to keep up with the Joneses and will rob Peter to pay Paul so they can have the biggest home on the block.

We all see people like this everywhere we go. I have a little of this in me too, we all do. The problem we have in this life is a lack of humility and making do with what we have. Now I am not saying we can’t have nice things but nice doesn’t mean breaking the bank to afford it.

Life’s passions drive what we do. Our heart is often where our treasure is. Many people work hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck just for the basics of life. I have been one of those people and to some extent I still am. My friends I am grateful to God for the life I have and the gifts I have been given. Take nothing for granted, love one another, have faith in a cause that means something and be who you are meant to be. Those are the most important ways of keeping up appearances.