No, There is Power In That Small Word

No, is a complete sentence. It’s also a powerful word I find difficult to say. No is a small word with big impact. It can mean letting someone down. No means no but it also means having control in your life. No can be an habitual thing where you aren’t willing to do anything for anyone. As a people pleaser I find it hard to say no because I am wanting to do everything for everyone. Saying no to anyone is not always in my nature. In the world of sales there is a unique challenge to turn a no into a yes. That requires technique and communication and getting people to talk themselves into something they have said no to previously. Much of this is about conflict resolution and taking people seriously. Sometimes it’s just about your preferences and doing what you want to do.

Hey, It’s #Friday Y’all. Let’s Do This!


Today is Friday…let’s be productive, solve problems and other stuff like that. I am glad to be at the end of another week. We are all working for the weekend though. Have a great day my blogging friends.