Learning As You Go At Work

Today at work I learned that making decisions and making policy are things you have to create as you go along. Sometimes it means changing things to suit the current situation. In a transition you learn a lot about yourself and those who work with you. I am honoring those who got me where I am by trying to do my best to meet expectations and achieve goals set before me. Much of the times it’s about figuring stuff out on your own. Also there is leading people and hopefully inspiring them to do their best too.

Scientists Have Found a Way to Make Red Blood Cells – Time Magazine

Researchers combined stem cell techniques with the latest genome editing strategies to grow red blood cells in the lab

Source: Scientists Have Found a Way to Make Red Blood Cells

I work for a blood bank and this is fascinating. Would the red blood cells actually work in a human though without rejection though?

Throwback Thursday – The Police – Every Breath You Take

From their 1983 album “Synchronicity”. This record was huge back in the day. The Police remains one of the great bands of the era before Sting went solo.