Gee I Guess I Post Too Much

One of my blog followers has unfollowed me due to my posting frequency. Sure I post more than once a day because I blog in real time when I am inspired to. My blog is a chronicle of the things happening in my life and I can’t not post when something happens I want to share. Blogs are meant to be living, breathing documents the world can see.

If you have questions or complaints let me know. I appreciate each of you following along no matter what.

Update The Links, It Will Make Your Blog Better

If you have links to your other social pages on widgets or other parts of your page make sure they are the most current links. Sometimes we change our usernames on things like Twitter and Instagram and forget about making those changes to the links on our blogs. Granted there are times when we want to be a little more private so one doesn’t want that information out to our readers and followers.

Updating your blog is important and updating the links on it is very helpful for those who want to see more of what you are doing online.

A New Star Trek Series Is Coming to CBS –

The iconic show will live long and prosper

Source: A New Star Trek Series Is Coming to CBS

A new Star Trek series would be welcome to broadcast. I am not so sure about it’s long term run on a streaming platform no one I know uses. Maybe they should re-think this.